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Meet Jessie Dubavs

Meet the lovely Jessie Dubvas, 91 years young who lives just outside of Port Macquarie. Learn about the support she receives from Home Nursing Group to help maintain her independence.

Port Macquarie Senior Citizens Club

The Port Macquarie Senior Citizens Club has been in operating for 52 years and its members stay active and social with a huge variety of activities on offer. 

Mobility App Training

Home Nursing Group has now launched its Mobility App that will improve staff and service efficiency. System and Project Manager at HNG, Jo Dell explains how the Mobility App is used.

Jacaranda Social Club

The Jacaranda Social Club offers a variety of activities which are designed to promote positive and social interactions for Home Nursing Group clients. We talked to a few members who love to get involved in the regular creative groups on offer.

Lance’s Story

Lance Kilner is pretty lucky to be alive today after a near fatal horse riding accident a few years ago put him in a coma that lasted for four months. Through receiving social support services with Home Nursing Group, Lance has managed to gain his independence back.

Bill’s Story

Armidale client Bill Hall (89) and his wife Chris (87) took the time to talk to us about their adventures from Scotland to Africa, and having the resilience to keep moving forward.

Enterprise wide learning at Home Nursing Group: a #OutstandingTeam

Bente Ryan, ACC National Support Manager talks to Kyra Moss, Chief People and Culture Officer at Home Nursing Group about the Home Nursing Group strategy and tactical implementation to support their vision.

Be where you want to be

Meet Annie Gaites

Annie Gaites has travelled the world five times over, but proudly calls Tamworth ‘home’. She spoke to us about how Home Nursing Group has “given her life back” by supporting her passions for theatre and music.

 Care in your home

Everyone wants to be at home – it’s where you can be you.

One of a kind

Because your one of a kind people are our one of a kind people

Creating Memories update

Innovative Art Project Brings Generations Together

Home Nursing Group, with the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) and Armidale High School, facilitated the Creating Memories project – an intergenerational project that gave younger and older audiences the opportunity to share experiences, using NERAM’s art collection as the starting point for discussions.

As Creating Memories was developed over 2013-14, the programme began attracting widespread support and community participation, and NERAM’s rich collections became the catalyst for the audience, young and old, to make memories together. The aim of NERAM and the Home Nursing Group through Creating Memories was ultimately to combat social isolation among the elderly members of the Armidale community. As they viewed the gallery’s diverse exhibition, dialogue between the students of Armidale High School and the elderly residents of our town’s community was shared.


Creating Memories

  • An innovative intergenerational project bringing together younger and older members of the New England community in a shared experience using the New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) rich collections as a catalyst for reminiscence.
  • Shared stories and created memories were captured using the medium of film, photography and mixed media artworks. Memories shared across generations are the traditional glue that binds families and communities together. Amid growing concerns about the loss of community and memory, the Creating Memories project aimed to promote and reinvigorate intergenerational communication using artworks from NERAM’s rich collections as a meeting point. A painting is the start of a creative journey, a trigger for memory, an inspiration for art-making and a window into a person’s life history. Personal recollection and stories were transformed into a visual artwork, using the creative potential of new media.


Creating Memories 2.0 Exhibition Video from SVM on Vimeo.

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