Registered Nurse Moira Cunynghame

Registered nurse Moira Cunynghame joined the Home Nursing group family in August 2017 and works in Port Macquarie Office. Whilst assisting with conducting competencies for AIN staff, Moira loves the chance to chat with the clients that make her job possible.

Moira Cunynghame has worked right across the spectrum of health, from the cradle to beyond. The talented nurse has worked in large and small organisations in Midwifery Mothercraft, Sex and Reproductive Health, Occupational Health and in General Practice all over the state. “I also worked as a practice nurse where I travelled to mining sites in the far west of New South Wales,” she says. “I have also spent five years working for the Red Cross Blood service.”

Now working for Home Nursing Group, Moira’s days have drastically changed. Where she once walked the bustling halls of a hospital catching babies as a midwife in Darlinghurst, now she works as a home care nurse; a role change she is relishing. “The client contact is the appeal for me,” she says. “I find our elderly clients well-mannered and have amazing life stories.” It was through a fellow workmate that Moira stumbled across HNG. “A former colleague was working for HNG and was impressed with the ethos and enthusiasm of the company expanding into the Hastings area,” she says. “I am very fortunate to be working in a team that gels. We are a diverse group where the cooperation and respect shown is evident.”

The nurse says her employers have supported her in her role by granting her leave for education sessions for currency in nursing. “Home Nursing Group has also extended my IT skills and is a great place to work,” she says. “The Port Macquarie Team is very inclusive with its older employees.” It’s making a difference, big and small, that Moira loves about her job. “The days where I have made a positive difference for our clients and their family are satisfying,” she says. “Often the care given may be something small but makes life more comfortable and enjoyable for the client. A simple explanation of a procedure given with patience to a stressed client can impart knowledge where a procedure can be undertaken smoothly.”

Growing up in Coonamble in outback New South Wales in a large and loving family, Moira has both city, bush and coastal living under her belt, with plenty of stories to swap with clients who have lived across the board. For any potential clients and families that might be hesitant to seeking assistance, she says the key is to simply take baby steps. “Start slowly with assistance in Activities of Daily Living and trial our services,” she says. “Stand by assistance is a gentle, dignified way to introduce Personal Care that may prevent a fall and catastrophic outcome for the elderly.”

When not at work, you can find Moira tending to her green thumb and getting out in nature. “I have a garden I spend serenity time in,” she says. “I’m a bit of a cook and do a bit of bush walking.”



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