Meet Megan Rees – Senior Care and Support Coordinator (CHSP)

Megan Rees started working for Home Nursing Group (HNG) in 2015 after years of working in retail and customer service. She sat down with HNG to chat about the value of keeping older people in their homes and the rewarding nature of her job.

It was a big move for Megan Rees when she relocated to Armidale in 2007. Growing up in Toowong, an inner western suburb of Brisbane, she spent most of her life relishing the tropical humidity of the Queensland city; a far cry from the crisp autumnal colours of the northern tablelands. “It took a while to become accustomed to living in Armidale after living in Brisbane for 35 years,” she says. “I still struggle with the cold, but love the definitive seasons and sitting by the wood fire in winter. I don’t miss the traffic in the city, and have adjusted to shopping local where I can and supporting our wonderful producers and makers in the region.”

With a background in retail and customer service, Rees started working for Home Nursing Group in February 2015 after applying for a position advertised. “I have to say firstly that I love the people that I work with; knowing that I get to work with such an awesome team of dedicated, passionate individuals makes coming to work each day a joy,” she says. “Secondly, I love working with our wonderful clients. In my role, I have the opportunity to engage with older people from all walks of life with varying needs but all with same goal of maintaining independence while staying in their home.”

The role Rees speaks of is her position as the Senior Care and Support Coordinator (CHSP) in the Armidale Head Office. “My key responsibilities include talking to our lovely clients who receive services under the Commonwealth Home Support Program,” she says. “I manage the workload for our group of CHSP co-ordinators and update processes and procedures under the program to ensure consistency of service delivery for this group of clients. I also work closely with the scheduling and intake teams.”

While her work is now different to her former experience, she says Aged Care and Home Care is a very appealing career choice. “It’s fantastic working in an industry which provides such a valuable service in the community,” she says. “It’s very rewarding, especially when I see the difference we make in older peoples’ lives every day.”

When not working, Rees’s passions revolve around her two children, 19-year-old Elysia and 15-year-old Alexander; baking and running. “I love to bake anything! From cakes to biscuits, slices, muffins and also desserts. I used to run the cake stall and garden café at my kids’ primary school fete each year which always involved a lot of baking. I enjoy baking for others and love to see the enjoyment and comfort it provides. You will find me doing lots of baking in the coming weeks as we practice social isolation as I find it quite therapeutic,” she says. “I started running a few years ago with my good friend Amanda. We tried parkrun when it came to Armidale then decided we would try some events for fun and something to aim for. There weren’t many local events around here so we decided to register for a half marathon in Port Macquarie. We didn’t have a strict training plan but managed to rope another friend in and had lots of fun completing it. We meet around three times a week to run in the mornings. I find exercising keeps me not only fit, but sets me up for the day with a healthy mind-set.”

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