Meet Home Care Package and Support Coordinator Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammond’s key responsibilities as a Home Care Package Care and Support Coordinator in Armidale include ensuring her clients receive the care and support they require to be able to continue living independently in their own homes, as well as advocating for them when they or their family are unable to do so. More than anything, Sarah brings to her work an energy of cheerfulness, living by her favourite quote, ‘Wherever you go, go with all your heart’.

Sarah’s positivity is genuinely inspiring. As one of Home Nursing Group’s (HNG) younger members of staff, she brings to the New England office a warmth and joy that shows age is no barrier when it comes to compassion. While there is a lifetime between her and the client’s whose care she is in charge of, Sarah is the pin-up girl for empathy; she’s passionate about encouraging HNG clients to be involved in their aged care decisions. “Having a career in aged care is extremely rewarding,” she says. “I am rewarded by clients and their families allowing me to become a significant part of their day to day lives. I’m able to make a difference by ensuring that clients are aware that they can rely and trust that I have their best interests at heart and that I will provide the care and support that they require to enhance their aged care experience.”

Raised in Armidale, Sarah started working at Home Nursing Group in May 2019 as an AIN after studying Midwifery. “HNG were very supportive and encouraging of my studies and education whilst I was an AIN and provided me with a wonderful opportunity to continue providing care and support for the elderly in my community,” she says. “The group constantly provide me with opportunities to enhance my knowledge and understanding of the continuously changing aged care industry. I’m extremely lucky to work with such a fabulous team and that I have clients who allow me to support them during their aged care experience.”

Her days are busy from go to woah. “I wake up each day looking forward to what the day ahead of me holds,” she says. “I live in a busy household with my sister and her family which gets my adrenaline running from the get-go each morning; play, breakfast, play, shower and off to work. My workday is constant and mostly smooth sailing. I love ticking off one task and moving on to the next; what a satisfying feeling! I am lucky that I get to associate with a great team in my office and that I get to speak to and visit clients whom I guarantee will always make me smile. Once my workday is complete, I come home to a happy and to loving household, enjoy my time with the family from dinner to bed time; oh, and of course there’s a few chores here and there!”

Sarah’s most important goal is to model the behaviour she’d like to see in the world. “I’m passionate about always remaining positive and spreading that positivity to those around me,” she says. “I’m passionate about remaining a happy individual; happiness is infectious!” With passions like that, it’s no wonder that the young professional is such an asset to Home Nursing Group. “HNG is beneficial to our community as we are an organisation that has the best interests of our aged community at heart,” she says. “The organisation employ staff who provide the appropriate care and support to each individual client, therefore encouraging clients to remain living comfortably and independently in their own home for as long as possible.”

If you were to ask Sarah what she would tell her 20-year-old self, the answer might make you realise the rarity of her wisdom for one so young. “That wasn’t too long ago, but I would tell myself to take each day as it comes and focus on achieving one thing at a time,” she says. “My greatest values are honesty, trust and fairness; all attributes I try to bring to my day.”

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