Meet Belinda Mears – Registered Nurse and Care and Support Coordinator

Belinda is a registered nurse and Care and Support Coordinator for New England. Her role at Home Nursing Group is extremely diverse, covering clinical care, home care assessments, client advocacy, referrals and education for clients and their families. Belinda also provides clinical supervision, education and training to care staff. On top of this, Belinda is a representative of the staff WHS committee.

Growing up in Dorrigo, Belinda brings a wealth of experience to Home Nursing Group with a career spanning 30 years. Belinda joined Home Nursing Group in 2017. “I was looking to work for an organisation that provided care and nursing services in the home and one that supported clients to maintain their own independence, as this is something I am very passionate about,” she says. “At Home Nursing Group, we provide essential services to our clients to better support them to remain living independently in their own homes. I get a real sense of satisfaction from interacting with clients and their families while supporting them to be actively involved in the overall decision making process.”

Belinda believes we should always look for the positives and this mantra is reflected in the way she approaches each day. “As a care organisation, we’re in a unique position to build trusted relationships with clients and their families and to make a positive difference to their daily life. Our regular in-home contact and companionship provides a real opportunity to reduce social isolation and feelings of loneliness. The impact of this cannot be underestimated,” she says.

As well as day-to-day care, Home Nursing Group strongly supports and encourages a wellness and re-ablement approach across all of its programs and services provided. Belinda says this assists clients to remain as independent as possible, which is important to their overall wellbeing. “We work to address the barriers to our client’s independence and we encourage family members and carers to be actively engaged in the care and decision making process. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role and I feel a real sense of achievement and accomplishment when I observe a client has had improved outcomes.”

Belinda says client care is at the forefront of every day. Whether that be case management or clinical reviews in clients homes, consulting allied health providers and making referrals for assessment and review or training of care staff.

“Home Nursing Group is such a great organisation to work for. They truly understand the needs of clients requiring home care services and create an inclusive, engaged environment where staff, clients and their families thrive,” says Belinda.

Outside of work, Belinda enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren and extended family, and being outdoors gardening, camping, fishing and bushwalking.

With years of wisdom and experience now behind her, Belinda’s advice to her 20 year old self would be “to be more gentle on myself and be more confident in the decisions that I make.” Her core values of honesty, loyalty and commitment are practiced every day as she provides support to both clients and staff members of the Home Nursing Group team.

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