Meet Julie Ryan

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Passion for People – Julie Ryan

Home Nursing Group AIN (Assistant-In-Nursing) Julie Ryan has been working in aged care for over ten years. She explains why she loves her job, shares some memories, and offers advice for anyone seeking a similar role.

Can you tell us about your role at Home Nursing Group?

I am working as an Assistant-In-Nursing. I’ve been working in aged care for ten years now, and with Home Nursing Group for two years. I love that my work enables people to live in their homes much longer, allowing them to maintain their lifestyle and make their own choices.

I am working with twenty clients per week at the moment, and every day is different. That can be exciting, but it can also be challenging. We have patients with dementia, multiple sclerosis, and reduced mobility. Our job at HNG is to give all patients the personal care and individual support they need for their daily tasks. Through learning and adapting, we can guide them through life, and give them the respect and happiness they deserve.

In a way, the challenges of my role are opportunities — chances to reflect, grow, and learn something new.





How does Home Nursing Group support you?

Every year, we have staff training days where we are educated on how to react to certain behaviours, circumstances, and physical restrictions. We also learn about different approaches in aged care, including caring for people with dementia or cognitive impairments, in which genuine respect is a primary element.

Home Nursing Group gives us individual support and constant education. They also provide online training modules and give excellent guidance through the registered nurses and our Care and Support Coordinators. They are really passionate about helping all of us to improve our skills and extend our training.

Have you had any memorable experiences with your clients?

Oh, definitely. One of my clients just celebrated his 99th birthday.The family invited me to attend the birthday party — that was a really nice thing to be a part of.

photo-1461010083959-8a5727311252I’m also working with a very independent woman who lives about 30km out of town. She was always independent and is a very creative, artistic woman. She has plenty of pets, and she just loves them. Her home always feel so friendly, and I’m happy that I can help her maintain her rural lifestyle. She does most things herself; I’m just there to help when she asks for it. We cook together, and I help her feed the pets.

She’s a very nice person to work with. Each day can be different, but she is always so kind and friendly, and has been since the day I met her. I love that I can support her to remain independent, to keep her pets, and to stay in her lovely house. It means a lot to her.

Do you have any advice for people seeking a career in aged care?

Be kind, be friendly, and treat each person as an individual. I care for my clients in the same way that I hope someone would treat my own parents. As aged care workers, we give people the chance to live in their homes for longer. If you treat people as individuals, they are very thankful, and this makes the job incredibly rewarding.