KPMG shows positive results for HNG

Most of us would prefer to stay in our own homes as we age. Home care is an affordable alternative to hospitals, nursing homes, and institutional care. Staying at home means keeping your own pets, living with your familiar possessions, and having your own schedule — something we all cherish.

Home Nursing Group is passionate about helping older people to stay at home. We work with our clients to understand their goals, support their individual needs, and help them lead safe and happy lives in their homes. We focus on activities that promote independence and encourage older people to resume activities they may have given up, whether this is going for a walk, socialising with friends, or preparing their own meals.

We have always believed our unique approach can lead to a better quality of life with improved health outcomes — and now, thanks to KPMG, the evidence is in!

KPMG is one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms. It is a global network that uses social media, industry insight, local knowledge, and professional reviews to sustain and enhance the quality of various workforces.

KPMG has recently undertaken a review on behalf of the Australian Government with regard to quality in home care.* Among their many findings, we at Home Nursing Group are particularly proud of the following:

 71.5% of HNG customers rate their quality of life as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, versus an industry average of 57.4%.

42.9% of HNG customers rate their health satisfaction as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, versus an industry average of only 40.4%.


We are thrilled that this respected and independent source has verified the success of our approach, and has determined that HNG customers are both healthier and happier than those receiving services from other providers.

However, we aren’t stopping here. This is an exciting time in Australian aged care; customers have more choice than ever before about who will provide them with care and support. KPMG aims to improve the quality of care and customer experience in aged care. They will be using their ongoing findings to highlight opportunities and capabilities within the industry, and improve home care services worldwide.

Meanwhile, HNG is working hard to educate current and potential customers and the wider community about their choices, and about how HNG can support them to achieve their goal — to remain safe, satisfied, healthy, and independent in their own home, for as long as they choose.

*Australian aged care quality indicators project

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