Keirō no hi

On the 3rd Monday of September each year, the people of Japan celebrate Keirō no hi, or Respect for the Aged Day, to honour their elderly citizens.

On this day, people express respect and gratitude for their elders’ contributions to society, and revere their longevity.

The traffic becomes heavier with the surge of people on their way to visit elderly family members and friends, and many rush to throw parties or offer flowers and handmade gifts to express their love, appreciation and admiration.

This year, Respect for the Aged Day falls on September 21st … but why stop there?

Everyone at Home Nursing Group considers their work in aged care services to be much more than a service or commodity. We are dedicated to what we do, and are constantly seeking ways to extend our reach and offer assistance to more people.

Over the past 12 months, HNG has doubled the number of service hours we provide and welcomed over 50 new staff members. We are also preparing to introduce some new roles and organisational structures to allow us to offer our clients more efficient management services and a more effective approach to scheduling and referrals.

To care for, support and work alongside elderly people in our communities is an inherent passion and a rewarding pursuit. So this Keirō no hi, Home Nursing Group encourages everyone to remember their elderly loved ones. Visit them, show them you care, and keep them in your hearts on Respect for the Aged Day, and for every other moment of the year.