HNG is ready for the future of home care

The Australian Government is introducing reforms to home care to provide older people with more choice of who provides their services and more control over the services they receive. Currently, home care package funding is allocated to Government-approved service providers, such as Home Nursing Group. From 27 February next year, funding will instead follow the person: those receiving home care package funding will be able to choose their own provider. Home Nursing Group believes this will bring many benefits:

  • Increased competition and better quality as providers strive to attract more customers by improving their service offerings
  • More efficiency and full utilisation of available funding as the current “mismatch” between providers with empty packages (due to lack of demand) and eligible customers on waiting lists at preferred providers will gradually ease
  • Improved career opportunities for workers in the industry as growing providers will compete to attract the best workers with more clearly-defined career paths

Since 2012, Home Nursing Group has been preparing for these changes. We have invested in the systems we need to provide customers with information about their care; we have trained our staff in working with customers to develop individually-tailored packages of support (“consumer-directed care”) and we have improved our marketing and customer service approaches to make sure we are really listening to our customers and their families.


We express this approach be saying that Home Nursing Group is “even more than caring” – we always strive to provide our customers with the best service, the highest quality and value for money every time.