Guyra Argus Article

The Home Nursing group recently presented at the business breakfast in Guyra to let locals know what is available to them in community aged care.


Passionate about supporting older people to live safe, healthy and happy lives in their homes,  the Home Nursing Group team presented a range of information on how home care is a sustainable, affordable alternative to institutional care.

“With the current changes in aged care, Home Nursing Group is well placed to assist older people to access help where they need it, how they need it and play and important role in educating the community about the aged care services available to them. Our passionate staff advocate for clients and their families to plan their own care to ensure they receive tailored support in their homes”, presenter Kyra Moss (HNG’s Regional Manager) said.


In the New England region we provide a wide range of services from low care support  to high care nursing and respite care. Services include but are not limited to: home and garden maintenance, domestic assistance, social support, respite, transport, meal preparation, medication assistance and Registered Nurse care.

“As a provider of care we believe we have a role in advocating for older persons and assisting them in navigating the maze of aged care system. Our presentation at the NECU breakfast meeting today is a part of that role to ensure that communities understand what is locally available to them and their families and to reduce barriers around access to care”.

Home Nursing Group can be contacted on 1300 698 693.