Grandparents Day

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On the final Sunday of October each year, people around Australia celebrate Grandparents Day.

This special day is a chance and reminder for families, friends and the community to thank older relatives for their support, guidance, and devotion.

Our grandparents, and indeed all elderly people in the wider community, play a unique and irreplaceable role in our lives. Not only have they contributed to our individual experiences, but they are connected to the values, stories, and culture of our local history.

Take time to learn more about your older family members and friends this Grandparents Day.  They have wisdom to impart and memories to share; they have lessons to teach and questions to answer. Encourage children to acknowledge and have fun with their grandparents. There are many nans and pops out there who will welcome the opportunity to tell their stories if they are only given a willing ear.

Some things you could ask are:

  • Where did they grow up?
  • What were their parents like?
  • What was their favourite thing about school?
  • What was their first job?
  • What do they remember about their first home?
  • What are their fondest memories?
  • What advice do they have for you?

However you choose to celebrate Grandparents Day, it is valuable to remember the importance of spending time with our older loved ones. Thank them, love them, create memories with them — then continue to do so every chance you get.

In 2016, Grandparents Day is on Sunday October 30th.

If you do anything special, be sure to share it with Home Nursing Group! We’d love to see how you spend the day.