Country and Regional Living Expo (CARLE)

Sydney’s Country and Regional Living Expo (CARLE) is coming once again, enticing people to move to regional New South Wales and discover all it has to offer.

Home Nursing Group (HNG) encourages people considering a ‘tree-change’ to give some thought to the beautiful New England North West, and those seeking a relaxed beach lifestyle to explore the gorgeous Mid North Coast — we serve both regions and have numerous employment opportunities. These areas offer great variety in lifestyle choices and business services.

What is CARLE?

The Country and Regional Living Expo is a one-stop shop for Sydneysiders to get an insight into life in country and regional communities. The Expo provides the chance for people to attend exhibits, talk to locals from these areas, and see a snapshot of what life is like beyond the city.

As long-term residents of regional NSW, all of our team members at Home Nursing Group understand the undeniable allure and potential of our country and coastal areas. Moreover, regional living has many benefits and advantages for all its citizens, and particularly for its older residents.

Why make the move to regional NSW?

Australia is getting older, and this is particularly noted in country areas; younger people leave for cities to pursue new jobs, new lifestyles, or other experiences, while older people make the tree-/sea-change to benefit from the positive aspects of regional living.

Choosing a rural lifestyle for you and your family can give you a work-life balance that is not always present in large cities. A mix of smaller and larger towns are located throughout the New England North West and the Mid North Coast, providing a variety of country comforts, scenic locations, close-knit communities, and endless possibilities.

Peace and quiet:

Perhaps the most substantial attraction of regional and rural areas is their country comfort and tranquility. You can leave the crowds behind and enjoy a more relaxed pace unlike the frenetic rush of the city. This means that elderly people who choose to remain in their home with the support of HNG can do so in a calm and comforting environment.


Life in many small towns is friendly, hospitable and sociable. As a result, the lifestyle potential is tremendous. Regional living fosters a safe and happy setting in which to participate in social events, making it easier to make new friends and contacts, and to lay down community roots. HNG can help with this; our carers offer support and transport to help you stay connected with the people, errands and activities you love.

Cultural diversity:

The towns and suburbs in our regional areas are undeniably smaller than a central city, but don’t make the mistake of thinking they lack in cultural lifestyle possibilities. Regional living can provide easy access to theatres, galleries, museums, cafes and restaurants, vineyards, historic landmarks, sport amenities, and much more. Many of the towns HNG serves offer the convenience of city centres located just a stone’s throw away from their rural landscape. This was something we encaptured in the HNG logo, with the green leaf working to represent the life, nurturing and happiness of our rural homes.


Another common misconception about regional locations is that there are fewer education and training opportunities; however, these areas indeed have excellent childcare, primary and secondary schools, in addition to major universities, such as Southern Cross University in Coffs Harbour, and the University of New England in Armidale — Australia’s first regional university.

Housing opportunities:

Regional housing and living is generally more affordable than in capital cities, with regard to both rental costs and mortgages. And in addition to being less expensive, the variety of homes are often larger — an excellent option for people wishing to age in place with the support of our passionate HNG team.

Best of both worlds:

Our regional towns have a rich history and a sophisticated urban environment; picturesque landscapes are combined with an expanding array of business opportunities. There is a careful balance between cosmopolitan services and country charm, making many of the towns in our region the perfect solution for city-dwellers seeking a serene but social place to put down roots.

Home care with HNG:

At Home Nursing Group, we perceive health as being hand-in-hand with one’s lifestyle, which is why we are passionate about offering care to our clients — not as a service or commodity, but as a central and on-going right, which supports older people in the choice to live safely and contentedly in their own homes. HNG employs all of our own staff, and thus has established a team of dedicated, talented and caring workers who each demonstrate loyalty and compassion for our local communities and their residents.

Sydneysiders who make our regional areas their new home can discover home care as a sustainable, affordable alternative to institutional care. The possibilities for a happy and healthy life truly are endless when one chooses country and regional living.

Make the Change

If you spend a single day in the country, you could end up staying a lifetime. Our regional areas have so much to offer to their residents and visitors. As long-time locals, all of us here at Home Nursing Group know how lucky we are to live in such beautiful and opportunistic places.

To all Sydneysiders and city-dwellers who are enticed by CARLE to make that ultimate tree-change or sea-change, we welcome you and wish you a great quality of life here with us in regional NSW.

autumn leaves falling

deck chair and fire-heater on a country verandaha hot cup of coffee
boat sails and sky a beach at sunrise