Cheryl Constance: Chief Operating Officer

This is a very exciting time for Home Nursing Group as we move across to the CDC or Client Directed Care model. In addition to providing services that are clinically safe and of a very high standard, we now need to demonstrate that  services are designed to provide what the client wants rather than what someone else thinks they need or want. Clients now have many more choices about which services they want and how these services are provided.

As the Chief Operations Officer my primary role is the Clinical Leadership and  Governance of the group, reporting  directly to our Managing Director Gorm Kirsch. The Operations side of Home Nursing Group relates to the clinical side of the business which is why I am responsible for our regional managers, care coordinators and field Staff. Our field staff is made up of  Assistants in Nursing, Enrolled Nurses and Registered Nurses. We also have contractors who provide gardening, home maintenance and additional services.  I consider myself very fortunate to find myself working with such an experienced, dedicated and caring team. Clinical Governance is a term that is used in health care to describe  the systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of the care provided.  Put more simply, it means providing care and services that are of the highest quality and meet the needs of our clients. To do this we must employ the right people with the right qualifications and ensure they receive ongoing  education and training as well as  sound  policies and procedures to guide them. While many of our services may not be seen to be health care, they do in fact promote and maintain the health of our clients by assisting  them to live happily and  independently in their own homes. To measure the quality of the care we provide we look at many things, especially our client’s  satisfaction. Sometimes things don’t go as planned and we discover we should have done things better or differently.  As well as trying to rectify the situation, it is important we use this as an opportunity  to improve our services and do things better in the future.