Aged Care is changing

You have a Choice

Be where you want to be

We all want to stay at home, enjoying our quality of life, and surrounded by the people we love, for as long as possible. Home Nursing Group is passionate about helping you be where you want to be.

You have a choice

Staying in your own home for longer is now easier than ever, thanks to changes in Australia’s aged care system.

You now have a choice of who provides care in your home.

A new “national queue” has been introduced to allocate home care package funding to eligible consumers. Once you have a package, you choose which organisation will deliver your care and support.

We understand this new system can be confusing, so please call us for a free, no obligation discussion about how Home Nursing Group can help you. We can support you to get an assessment and a place in the national queue.

Exceptional care in your home

Since 1985, Home Nursing Group has been delivering exceptional home care.

We are dedicated to helping you live safely, healthy and happily in your own home for as long as possible.

Locally-owned and operated, Home Nursing Group is a full-service, high-quality provider, offering all levels of home care for older people. We employ all our own staff, who receive on-going training and support. Home Nursing Group workers are proficient in first aid, CPR, infection control, medication management and other skills needed for excellent home care. Many also have specialist training in dementia and palliative care.

They are backed by industry leading intake, coordination and clinical teams in local offices across our region. With us, you always talk to real local people, not a far-away call centre. And you are always welcome to drop in for a cuppa!

This range of skills and local support means that Home Nursing Group offers you peace of mind: We can always care for you – no matter what your needs are today or in the future.

Services from as low as $15/hour

If you are currently waiting for a package from the national queue, Home Nursing Group can offer other home care services from as little as $15/hour.

Almost all Home Nursing Group clients are eligible for Commonwealth support for their care costs. Our administration fees are low, and there no hidden “exit fees”.

Making choices and having control

If you currently have a home care package with another provider, Home Nursing Group is currently offering free, no-obligation service reviews so you can learn how we compare with your current provider. You can ask us about anything: how many Registered Nurses we employ, the skills of our workers and our ability to offer you peace of mind for all your care needs, now and in the future.

Home Nursing Group can often provide you with more support and better value for money. We take care of everything – Home Nursing Group’s dedicated team are experienced in helping people transition between providers: we will make your choices and decisions easy.

Please call Home Nursing Group today on 1300 698 693 to find out how they can help you, or visit the website:

for further details.

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