Home Care is affordable

At Home Nursing Group, we have no exit fees, no hidden charges and low administration fees. We aim to offer the best value for money in home care services, along with the highest quality care and great customer service.


The Australian Government has determined that client fees play an important role in the ability of Service Providers such as Home Nursing Group, to respond to the needs of clients by supplementing the substantial Australian Government home care subsidies. (Please refer to the Client Contribution Framework available on the Department of Health website). The Government has advised that client contributions should constitute a minimum of 15% of HNG’s grant revenue for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

Consumer co-payments are also an important part of the Home Care Package programme.

Home Nursing Group CHSP Fees

HNG charges $15 (inclusive of GST) per hour of CHSP services as a client co-payment. This co-payment is reviewed twice annually in line with pension indexation.

HNG also charges a per-service mileage surcharge for fuel costs.

Different co-payments apply for Home & Garden Maintenance, Allied Health and Group Activities; please contact us for details.

Where clients can demonstrate severe financial hardship, HNG is willing to consider fee reductions or waivers.

Fee policy principles

In developing our fees and fees policy, we have been mindful of the following key principles, as determined by the Australian Government:


All clients who can afford to contribute to the cost of their care should do so. Client contributions should not exceed the actual cost of service provision.


Client contribution policies should include information in an accessible format and be publicly available, given to, and explained to, all new and existing clients.


Individual policies should include arrangements for those who are unable to pay the requested contribution.


Grant agreement obligations include a requirement for providers to report the dollar amount collected from client contributions.


The Client Contribution Framework should take into account the client’s capacity to pay and should not exceed the actual cost to deliver the services. In administering this, providers need to take into account partnered clients, clients in receipt of compensation payments and bundling of services.


Revenue from client contributions should be used to support ongoing service delivery and expand the services providers and currently funded to deliver.

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