Staff Recognition and Appreciation Program for Staff

Home Nursing Group have initiated a monthly Staff Recognition and Appreciation program to recognise the exceptional care that the care workers provide to our clients on a daily basis.

Every month, through nomination by their colleagues, a staff member who exemplifies Home Nursing Group’s core values will be announced. Home Nursing Group’s five core values are made up of Trust, Respect, Empathy, Accountability and Teamwork – TREAT. These values were selected by all of the staff through undertaking over 100 surveys and face-to-face value sessions throughout the five locations.

The hiring process is now based primarily on our company values that were created by our own team. Home Nursing Group is a collective of people engaged in important work for our community and values are about distilling our essence into a set of behaviours we can all embrace every day.

The staff member is announced at the end of the month, and to get us started for 2019, we’re excited to announce that Taylah White was the first recipient for the month of January – congratulations!

Taylah shows exemplary values-based behaviours through her work, like being TRUSTed to follow Care Plans; RESPECT for clients and their confidentiality. A wonderful listener, Taylah displays EMPATHY for her clients; following her client’s Care Plans and direction from the Care & Support Coordinator, Taylah also feels ACCOUNTABLE for her clients and their care. And last but not least, Taylah displays TEAMWORK, completing all tasks and attending staff meetings.

How do you feel about the recognition?

I feel very privileged. Being appreciated for the work I do it very satisfying. To get such positive support and feedback from my colleagues and clients just makes the efforts I put in so much more worth it.
I think when you take on a carers role you don’t expect anything in return you just do it from your heart because you truly care about the clients and the quality of care you are providing.
What do the TREAT values mean to you?
The TREAT values set a standard of care goals for you to achieve every time you walk through a client’s front door and aiming to be better each time. Trust, respect, empathy, accountability and teamwork are just a small number of the values provided in this job.
Why do you think they are important?

These values mean that our clients receive the quality of care they deserve, and they can be assured these values will be provided each day.

To see our staff talk about what these values mean to them and their work at Home Nursing Group, click here to head or videos page.

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