Mental health week at Home Nursing Group

From October 9th until October 15th Australia holds the National Mental Health week coincide with the World Mental Health day on the October 10th.

Mental health is central to our overall health and wellbeing. It includes your ability to manage the daily challenges and social interactions of life, and can also have a strong impact on your physical health. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australians will experience a mental health condition at some stage in their lives.

Getting older, wiser, freer and more able to cope with life’s ups and downs should be something we can look forward to. But it’s true that lots of changes occur as we age and some of those, such as retirement from work, changes in family life, social isolation and bereavement can have significant impacts on our physical and mental health.

Be social, be active, be well

An active life and relationships with people we care about are important at any age, as they promote good mental health.

As we get older, maintaining connections with friends, family and the community can prevent feelings of loneliness and help us to stay mentally and physically healthy.

At Home Nursing Group we encourage people to connect with their community and stay active. Our person centred philosophy supports our clients to keep their individual preferences and help them to live their live to the fullest.

Through our Jacaranda Social Club we aim to strengthen community bonds and provide fun opportunities for our local citizens, with activities including coffee catch-ups, pottery and ceramics classes, creative arts programs, musical entertainment, bus outings, gardening, local history talks, ‘Mind, Body and Balance’ exercise classes, drumming, choir, and more.

We recognise supporting our clients mental wellbeing can be an important part of aged care provision. We see a holistic approach to physical health and aged care with mental health support as a key element of our services. In this way we believe we can help people to be more resilient, live longer and better in themselves even if their health is declining.


In addition to supporting our clients we also support our staff  to be ready for the challenges that come delivering high quality aged care. We believe that well supported staff provide better support and care to our clients. To demonstrate this commitment we have an  Employee Assistance Program, that provides our employees with counselling and support services.


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