Home Nursing Group Strategist to speak at Innovation Conference

Digital Innovation Strategist at Home Nursing Group, Florian Ruhnke has been announced as one of the speakers at next years Innovation and Technology in Aged Care Conference.

The conference held in Sydney on 13th and 14th March 2019, will showcase a range of leaders from across the industry to discuss some of the main challenges facing the sector when implementing innovations in technology. The conference will focus on ideas on how to transform and optimise aged care in Australia.

Home Nursing Group welcomed Florian to the team in mid-2017. Within his role, he uses his strengths in strategic project management, digital marketing, and innovation management to establish a more collaborative, improvised and meaningful digital landscape for Home Nursing Group.

Florian shared his thoughts and detailed experiences on Digital Innovation, Aged Care and Home Nursing Group:

What does a Digital Innovation Strategist do?

A Digital Innovation Strategist follows the newest trends and developments in technology and adapts them for business specific use. That means he/she analyses what the business processes are and how technology can help to get things done. The job is all about communication and collaboration.

How has Digital Innovation redefined the aged care industry, or how will it?

The Aged Care industry is traditionally slow in adopting new technology. There is always the balance between shiny new things likes self-driving cars or robots and the client’s actual needs. It is also a highly regulated industry. It is very important to make a fundamental risk assessment before we adopt new technology.

The impact of digital products and services on the Aged Care industry will be massive and will change the industry dramatically. I believe we will see more technology-driven start-ups in that industry.

How will Digital Innovation specifically help Home Nursing Group?

 We have several different projects going on. Our focus at this stage is to get our current systems to work together and improve integration. The long- term goal is to make the life of our clients easier and enable them to live the life of their choice. Technology can help with that, but it will always be the tool, not the purpose.

Florian Ruhnke Digital Innovation Strategist

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Digital Innovation and the Aged Care industry? And how will it be overcome?

 I guess one challenge is the uncertainty in the industry. This affects our clients and us and makes it hard to plan long term. The industry is also highly regulated, which in my view is a good thing, because it’s for the client’s protection. But it does make the planning much harder as each step needs to be carefully considered. There is no ‘move fast and break things’ approach when we develop a new tool.

What will you talk about in your presentation at the Conference?

Integrate, Innovate, Celebrate – how a design thinking approach can change the communication between an organisation and its clients.

Are there other conferences within Australia or abroad you’d like to speak at or attend?

 In October 2019 there are the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in Sydney and the API World conference in San Jose, both of which I would like to attend.  However, with the timings the way they are, I probably won’t be able to attend both. These conferences are usually full of the people who build the tools that we use, so they are always worth going to.

Having said that, I also try to focus on my work rather than speak about it. But conferences are a great way to collaborate with others that face similar problems or have solved them already.

Could you tell us a little more about your past professional experiences?

 I have a Master’s in Political Science and a Communication degree, and I worked mainly in the field of strategic public affairs, communication and marketing. As a natural nerd, I started early to adopt new technology in those areas.

When I was still as student in 2002, we created the “Wahl-O-Mat”, an online tool that asks you a few questions and then tells you who the party of your choice would be. That was part of bigger project to raise awareness for first voters. The idea came originally from the Netherlands and we brought it to Germany. The tool still exists. I also lived and worked in Spain, USA and Germany.

Before I came to Australia in 2014, I worked as the Deputy Head of Marketing at an educational Start Up in Berlin. We had a team of developers and we created new tools all the time. Interestingly, we faced very similar problems to those that we do now.

How does Australia compare to Germany and Europe within the Digital Innovation world?

I think countries are hard to compare, it’s much more about the culture of the organisation. Innovation, whether digital or in general, is all about culture and the willingness to change.

I am lucky enough to have always been a part of innovative organisations. I like to analyse and strategise, and I love technology and new things. In my job I have all of that, every day.

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