Home Nursing Group Clients get ‘In the Mood’

It was show time for a small band of Home Nursing Group clients who attended the matinee performance of ‘In the Mood’, at the Glasshouse Theatre in Port Macquarie last Friday. The outing was specially organised as part of the delivery of Social Support services in the Port Macquarie area.

A group of clients with carers attended the Glass House Theatre where American touring production are celebrating their 25th anniversary of the show ‘In the Mood’. The show has toured internationally over the last 25 years and is a 1940’s theatrical musical revue show presenting a retro look at the ‘Great Generation’ featuring singing, swing dancing and a Big Band orchestra.

Home Nursing Group, a locally owned and operated home care provider within the Mid North Coast and New England regions, undertook this group outing as a trial for Commonwealth Home Support Program Social Support services to include more cultural trips to places like the Glasshouse Theatre.

The Commonwealth Home Support Program provides lower level services that support older people to stay at home and be more independent in the community. Services can include assistance with household tasks, respite care, house and garden, and social support to keep you connected with your favourite activities and your community.

Maintaining a strong community connection is vitally important to a person’s health. A lack of social support can lead to negative impacts on health and well-being, especially for older people. Having a variety of positive social connections and active pursuits contributes to overall wellness and reduces stress whilst increasing physical health.

The Home Nursing Group clients thoroughly enjoyed the time warp back to up-tempo swing hits of the 1940’s such as Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, the incredible dancing and colourful costumes!



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