A year in review – Home Nursing Group

Gorm Kirsch2014 has been an immensely successful year for Home Nursing Group. We’ve come a long way since 2010, when Gorm Kirsch first bought the business. Four years ago, we provided services for about 200 clients, mostly in and around Armidale.

During 2013 and 2014, Home Nursing Group was allocated Home Care Packages (31 in mid-2013 and a further 26 in late 2014), and was successful in applying for Home and Community Care programme funding in early 2014. Combined, this has resulted in a more than 50% growth in revenue, and meant that we could invest in the people and systems to provide even-higher quality care for more people. We expect to be serving more than 3,000 clients by the end of 2015!

This growth has provided us with so many new possibilities, which resulted in 2014 being a wonderfully exciting blur for Home Nursing Group. We expanded our offices in Armidale and Coffs Harbour, and opened a new one in Tamworth; and we increased our staff to over 100 people, including a Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer. The recruitment of people for these two critical roles has enabled Gorm to focus more on strategy, business development, and looking ahead, as they handle day-to-day matters for him.

Home Nursing Group is committed to having local offices because many of our clients prefer to physically come in and talk to our coordinators, or discuss their support goals and aspirations, or even just to pay their bills. Opening more offices also benefits our staff, giving them a more convenient workplace with a personalised, friendly environment. Our staff lounges are particularly popular, giving field staff a place to put their feet up, or catch up with the online training.

Home Nursing Group NSW regions

While many of our competitors operate from just one, centralised office (usually in a capital city), we believe that our offices in Armidale, Coffs Harbour and Tamworth differentiate us and enable Home Nursing Group to provide a more personalised service for our clients.